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Postpartum Doula Care

Life with a newborn can be exciting and overwhelming. If you think you might need a bit of extra support once you bring your new little one home, as a postpartum doula, I can spend time with you figuring out ways to make your life a bit easier so that you can focus on what is most important to you.

What support do I offer as a postpartum Doula?

Emotional Support

I am there to listen and provide unconditional and opinion-free support. This also includes:

  • screening for postpartum mood disorders and providing any necessary referrals

  • answering any questions you may have

  • providing evidence based emotional and mental health resources

Sleep Support

 I can provide help with sleep related struggles including:

  • help with establishing routines around family sleep

  • checking for safe sleep environments

Household Help

I can provide help with light household chores such as:

  • folding laundry

  • doing dishes

  • grocery pickup

  • cooking nutritious meals that support the healing process

Newborn Care

I can care for your newborn while you have some time to take care of yourself or other needs like:

  • rest – take a nap, you earned it!

  • shower or bath

  • spending time with your other kids

  • simply taking time for yourself

You are my top priority!


I’m there to help you find your parenting confidence and to learn to trust your instincts. This includes:

  • help with soothing techniques for your newborn

  • support with breast/chest and bottle feeding

  • changing diapers (disposable or cloth)

  • bathing

  • dressing

  • learning newborn cues

Physical Recovery Support

I am not a healthcare provider, but I can help with:

  • evidence-based methods that can support your physical recovery

  • providing necessary referrals


Postpartum Support Services

$42/hour for Daytime Support

(minimum 4 hours)

$50/hour for Overnight Support
(minimum 8 hours - limited availability)

+ $5/hour for twin families

We can also create custom packages that support your unique needs

The Pebble

4-pack of Daytime Visits

(4 hours each, 16 hours total)

$672 ($42/hour)

The stone

8-pack of Daytime Visits

(4 hours each, 32 hours total)

$1312 ($41/hour)

The boulder

12-pack of Daytime Visits

(4 hours each,  48 hours total)

$1920 ($40/hour)

Feel free to inquire if you're looking for overnight support. I have very limited overnight shifts available. However, I have some wonderful doulas I can refer to and/or work alongside if that’s the support you need! 


Your Path to Care

01. Get in touch

Book a free 15 minute consult with Jordan. We'll briefly chat about what your needs are and see if we might work well together

02. Do we vibe?

We'll meet in person or on video for around 45 minutes to dive a bit deeper

03. Make a plan

At this point we'll go over which package is right for you or if you'd like to create a custom package

04. contract           Signing

Let's make it official!

05. Create your           care schedule

We'll get your care on the calendar or ready to be scheduled as soon as your baby is home

06. Get 

You're ready to go for in-home care!

Ready to Chat?

Ask me about bundling postpartum support with my other services

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