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Infant Sleep Support

My postpartum doula packages include basic sleep support, but if you’re simply looking for help with this particular struggle, you’re in the right place. 


I work with exhausted parents who are looking for alternatives to sleep training. I help by offering evidence-based techniques focusing on attachment and gentle and responsive parenting.


If you’re struggling with getting enough sleep as a family, unsure how to navigate transitions associated with sleep, or are concerned about bad sleep habits, as an Infant and Family Sleep Specialist, I can help answer your questions. 

Our Work Together

During a sleep consultation we will:

  • Meet in person or on a video call

  • Talk at length about your experience when it comes to sleep

  • Work together to figure out what your biggest struggles are

From there, I will create a personalized sleep plan for your family with strategies and steps you can take to help everyone get as much restorative sleep as possible.


Generally, I will provide a few sleep practice options for you to try out. Ultimately, you have the best understanding of what might work for your family, which can often be a unique solution, and sometimes can be as simple as trusting the instincts you already have.

Mother and Baby Sleeping

What kind of support are you looking for?

Sleep Support Package

We can meet in person or via video call and talk about what struggles you might be having when it comes to sleep. Then we can discuss options and we can work together to figure out what resonates with you and your family.

Following our conversation, I'll write up a personalized sleep plan for your family that will be provided within 48 hours.

We can then schedule a follow up call within the next 8 weeks to check in about how things might have changed following our initial chat. 

  • 60 minute call or in-person consult

  • Personalized written sleep plan provided within 48 hours

  • 4 weeks of email availability for questions related to the sleep plan

  •  30 minute follow-up call within 8 weeks following initial consult 


Emergency Sleep Support

If you and your family are experiencing sleep deprivation, sometimes the only thing that can provide relief is a full night of rest. Depending on my availability, I will provide 1 to 2 nights of infant care so that everyone else can get as much sleep as possible to recover from sleep deprivation. Note: should you need a more long-term solution for overnight care, I have some wonderful doulas for referrals! Please reach out. 

  • 8 hours of overnight infant care

  • Includes feeding, comforting infant to sleep, diaper changes/clothing changes.


Quick tips call

30 minute call - This is great to ask a few quick questions you may have or use as an extra follow up call to check in about your sleep plan and see how things might have changed. 


Your Path to Care

01. Get in touch

Book a free 15 minute consult with Jordan

02. Do we vibe?

We'll briefly chat about what your needs are and see if the Sleep Support package is right for you

03. Contract signing

Let's make it official!

04. Tell me More

I'll send over a form so you can go into detail about your sleep struggles. This helps me prepare for our Sleep Support Consultation

05. Create your           care schedule

Let's get you on the calendar for your Sleep Support Consult and two weeks of text and phone availability

06. Get 

Let's work together to get you and your family as much sleep as possible!

Ready to Chat?

Ask me about bundling Infant Sleep Support with my other services

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